Biodiesel pictures is down for a while....
Unfortunatley, the forum database committed suicide.
We tried several times to convince it that life was worth living, but it had grown tired of dealing with spammers trying to break in all the time.

We tried several times to bring it back, tried CPR, shock therapy, and a bunch of other medical mumbo jumbo, but it was to no avail.
It's bit the big one and has gone home to the big data center in the sky.

However, luckily the database left behind all of the pictures! (They weren't too keen on dying and are still here!)
We're working on giving them a new home to play in (ie. new forum).

We'll also eventually be bringing a new forum back as well, but it might take a while.
Hang tight for a bit & we'll hopefully be back up soon.

If you need a file from the pictures, feel free to Contact Us.

Graydon Blair,
Biodiesel Pictures Admin